Aman luxury resorts to highlight guest wellness in 2021 with healthy mind-body programs at its global constellation of hotels and pool resorts

After a year in which health has been at the forefront of every conversation, and peace of mind has been eroded by stress and uncertainty, the importance of actively focusing on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing has never been as clearly acknowledged as it is today. Renowned for their peaceful settings, abundant space and unrivalled privacy, Aman’s global constellation of hotels and resorts are designed for an altered way of travelling in a changed world.

Whether seeking a solo escape dedicated to personal wellbeing or cherished time with loved ones, in a secure travel pod, Aman’s intimate properties, with free-standing guest pavilions and expansive multi-bedroom villas, are perfect for private buyouts and the ideal sanctuaries in which to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect this year.

Journey to Peace Retreats

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Wellness is the focus for all Aman resorts worldwide in 2021.

Sought after by all, the concept of peace is the very essence of Aman and the meaning of the brand’s Sanskrit-derived name. It also forms the inspiration for the four enlightening Journey to Peace retreats that will take place at select Aman destinations this year.

Dedicated to teaching individuals to rediscover this elusive state, these unique three- to six-night spiritual retreats will be led by renowned Buddhist monk and mindfulness coach, Lama (monk) Master Geshe YongDong (Geshe La). Geshe La became a Buddhist monk when he was just 13 years old, taking his vows at the revered Nangzhig Bönpo monastery. In the three decades since, his spiritual journey has taken him all over the world, from studying with the 14th Dalai Lama to introducing and teaching the YungDrung Bon Buddhism in Canada, where he currently resides. Today, he is one of a very few Bon spiritual masters living in the west and qualified to offer this teaching.

Tsa Lung Breathwork and Meditation

Each three- or six-night Journey to Peace Retreat includes daily Tsa Lung breathwork and meditation and a daily 90- minute group training session. The programme also includes an Aman Signature spa treatment on the day of arrival and a daily 90-minute evening chanting session, mantra recitation and meditation. Accommodation and full board are included, with optional daily group movement classes and complimentary airport transfers. The shorter, comprehensive three-night retreat includes an additional daily 90-minute group training session.

As it is Retreat: Understanding How to Simply Let Go

Amanpuri (19-25 October) / Amansara (1-7 November)

Taking place on the golden shores of Amanpuri in Phuket and on the edge of sacred Angkor at Amansara in Cambodia, this six-night retreat will encourage guests to leave everything ‘as it is’, without judgement. During the programme, Geshe La will guide participants through the practice of letting go of thoughts, allowing them to arise and then leave without challenging their existence. The transformative journey will enable participants to find clarity and solace in the present moment.

amanpuri resort
Learn to let go at the Amanpuri, the flagship property of Aman luxury resorts in Phuket, Thailand.

Embracing Impermanence: Understanding and Acceptance of Change

Amanoi (7-13 October) / Amantaka (11-17 November)

Guests can participate in this six-night retreat at Amanoi overlooking tranquil Vinh Hy Bay in Vietnam or at Amantaka in the heart of the Buddhist city of Luang Prabang in Laos. This retreat introduces the concept of Bardo – a liminal state between death and rebirth – and guides participants towards an understanding and acceptance of transience and change. The programme is divided into two. The first half of the programme focuses on cultivating a sense of calm in body and mind; the second explores mortality through mindfulness, demonstrating how to live a more fulfilled life by accepting what comes after it.

Silent Retreat: Focusing on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Amanoi (14-17 October) / Amantaka (18-21 November)

Our busy everyday lives are full of noise and distractions that disturb our sense of harmony and pull us away from the essential truth of our being. This shorter three-night programme, taking place at Aman luxury resorts in Vietnam and Laos, is ideally suited to those that have already experienced a Journey to Peace retreat, and aims to help shut out the clamour of daily life, cultivating a sense of stillness and peace. The Silent Retreat focuses on the four foundations of mindfulness – awareness of the body and the senses, of the heart and feelings, of the mind and thoughts, and of the essential impermanence of life.

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Take a silent retreat at the Amanoi in Vietnam.

Advanced Yoga Retreat

Amanbagh (7-14 October)

A secluded sanctuary in the Aravalli Hills of rural Rajasthan, Amanbagh’s towering palms and eucalyptus trees welcome guests into a hidden oasis. Meaning ‘peaceful garden’ in Sanskrit, the resort’s surroundings are among the most remote yet luscious in the region.

This autumn, Amanbagh will offer a seven-night Advanced Yoga Retreat for intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners. Coinciding with the Navaratri Festival, the retreat will offer a unique experience each day that will follow one of the nine methods of worship of the Goddess Durga, in line with local celebrations.

Enjoy captivating views with your yoga session at the Amanbagh in India. Photo: Aman luxury resorts

On arrival at Amanbagh, guests will receive an Ayurvedic herbal shot to reenergise and a 60-minute full-body massage to release tension from the long drive to the resort. Group yoga sessions will be held every day throughout the retreat and will focus on twelve different Pranayama practices, four types of meditation, and will incorporate multiple advanced yoga poses.

Guests of Aman luxury resorts can also explore the ancient forts, serene lakes and tiger-inhabited wilds of surrounding Rajasthan during the retreat. Daily cultural excursions include a cycle ride to a nearby gwara (a small village), a trek to Somsagar Lake, a trip to the Sariska tiger reserve, a visit to the Neelkanth and Narayani Mata Temples, and an excursion to Bhangarh Fort.

Daily Guided Meditation Sessions

Every evening, the resort team will prepare a soothing herbal bath in the pavilions to comfort weary muscles. Guests will also be asked to study select material to deepen their understanding of the art of yoga and its healing qualities. All meals served during the retreat will follow a bespoke nutrition plan based on a Sattvic diet, with a focus on the fresh produce from the resort’s organic garden.

The seven-night retreat includes all meals, a full-body massage and an orientation workshop on the day of arrival, as well as daily guided group yoga and meditation sessions, cultural excursions, educational talks, self-study time (material provided), and a final evaluation and one-on-one catch up with the Yoga Master prior to departure.

Wellness Immersions at Aman Luxury Resorts

Amanpuri / Amanoi / Amanemu / Amanbagh / Amanyara

Aman’s flagship holistic hideaways each provide a powerful environment for change and will continue to offer carefully calibrated Individual Wellness Immersions, balancing every aspect of health and wellness in 2021.

Tailored from start to finish to meet personal goals, these life-enhancing, multi-day, personalised programmes are based on thorough testing and assessments, and include a customised routine with daily spa and wellness treatments, a considered diet or cleanse, and suggested exercise. Sensitively curated, they promise guests expert guidance and advice, and time in which to reflect, recalibrate and reset the course of long-term wellbeing.

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