tropical beach holiday
Why do you need a tropical beach holiday? The obvious reason is to enjoy a break from the cold, dark winter and restore the senses with a big dose of sun, sand and sea. But there are many more reasons to get away to a warm and sunny place, so read on and start planning your tropical escape today!

1. Rock that Hawaiian shirt look
You know you’ve been longing to add some color to your life. And in the tropics all it takes is a quick buttoning-up of a gaudy, tropical-print shirt and your mood is instantly lifted. Add a pair of flip-flops and your styling tropical look is complete.

2. You’ll get in a chill mood with ska and reggae music
Remember the may Mighty Bosstones, not up to Jake, et al.? Well you almost certainly a minimum of like chic or Bob Marley. Beach Boys? no matter, currently you’ll hear all the beach-y tunes you wish while not feeling stupid like once you’re electronic countermeasures to Jamin’ and notice your eyebrows area unit frozen.

3. A lack of sunshine may virtually be killing you
According to a 2007 study within the Journal of Steroid organic chemistry and biological science, roughly one million annual deaths worldwide will prevented with more exposure to fat-soluble vitamin, via some sunshine.

4. Sand is way more awesome than snow
For one, you don’t got to throw on cumbersome garments before you’ll lie in it. Also, imagine if Sandra Dee from Grease had been SNOW-dra Dee. Snowdra Dee feels like a comic book strip villain or what Goth children name their cyprinid fish. ADVANTAGE: Sand.

tropical fish
5. Within the tropics, typically sand is created by colourful reef fish
The angelic and colourful percoid will this by intake coral, then pooping soft, pearl-white sand.

6. You’ll do heaps of things with ocean shells
Need a makeshift instrument, or a Lord of the Flies-esque power totem? Shells. wish to listen to the ocean? Shells. Sun is simply too bright once you’re tanning? 2 shells. Zero queries.

7. Seasoning your coaster beats seasoning your road
Your drink sticks to your coaster once enough condensation collects at the lowest, as all those very little droplets seal the air between the coaster and also the glass, that creates a suction-cup-like vacuum. Disrupt this with a sprinkle of salt, that permits air to feed in between your drink & co.

8. Go ahead, put that flower in your hair
Jasmine, frangipani, bougainvillea, birds of paradise. The flowers that grow in the tropics are so big, bold and beautiful. Take time to stop and smell the ylang ylang.

9. Ocean sounds vs the blare of rush-hour horns and snowplows
According to a Stanford University neurobiologist, the ocean sounds area unit soothing, in part, as a result of they happen at regular intervals; things sound like associate degree ear-pollutant once they area unit irregular. a comprehensible visual-scape, sort of a two-tone stretch of sand and ocean, additionally calms the mind (much like closing your eyes does).

10. Your brain works better on a tropical island
Not really. However you’ll have higher attention and performance on psychological feature tasks somewhere hotter, in line with one study done by the American Journal of psychological science.

11. The tropics make you happy and friendly
According to the findings of 1 study done by the American Psychological Association, additional sun exposure causes you to additional cooperative; it had been additionally correlative with generous tipping, however your waiter is maybe nicer once it’s sunny.

12. Umbrella in your hand vs umbrella in your drink
This doesn’t actually need any elaboration. For the sake of interest, this Berkley academic told connoisseur that whereas it’s technically potential for the alcohol to evaporate from your drink if left within the sun (without umbrella shade), if you’re going away your engross the sun that long you’re doing it wrong. Cheers.

13. Wear your swimsuit everywhere
It’s hot outside and keeping cool is a must. In the tropics, there’s no need to bundle up — just throw on the swimsuit and maybe a little cover-up and go.

14. A hammock is better for your body than your bed
As a book referred to as Back and Bed: technology Aspects of Sleeping points out, a hammock suggests that higher applied science for your body by distributing your weight additional equally and reducing pressure points; the book additionally says “the commonest style of bedding characterizing the tropical areas is that the hammock.” though if you’re having hassle sleeping, perhaps strive reading a book regarding applied science.

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